1. Michael (The Ex-Convict)
  2. Anthony (The Hotheaded Gamer)
  3. Claire (The Bookworm)
  4. Susita (The Latin Firecracker)


  1. Zach (The Baseball Star)
  2. Bradley (The Golden Boy)
  3. Sabrina (The Sorority Girl)
  4. Rhonda (The Proud Mom)


  1. James (The Makeup Artist)
  2. Sarge (The Military Man)
  3. Kat (The Treasure Hunter)
  4. Sigrid (The Cool Gamer)


  1. Tito (The Indian Chief)
  2. Gino (The Master Chef)
  3. Calypso (The Young Vampire)
  4. Gretchen (The Boss)

Elimination OrderEdit

  • 1st - Michael
  • 2nd - Sigrid
  • 3rd - James
  • 4th - Tito (7th Jury Member)
  • 5th - Kat (6th Jury Member)
  • 6th - Sarge (5th Jury Member)
  • 7th - Gretchen (4th Jury Member)
  • 8th - Bradley (3rd Jury Member)
  • 9th - Sabrina (2nd Jury Member)
  • 10th - Anthony (1st Jury Member)
  • 11th - Susita
  • 12th - Zach
  • 13th - Gino
  • 14th - Calypso
  • 15th - Claire
  • 16th - Rhonda 

Episode 1 (Norfair)Edit

  • At the opening of the game, each team is instructed to choose a captain to represent their team in the first challenge.
    • Originally, Red seems indifferent, and there is a tied vote between Michael and Susita. In the end, Michael allows Susita to take the role as leader because he doesn't like coming off as too aggresive. 
    • For Purple, Sabrina immediately tries to convince everyone to vote for Bradley, who she thinks would make the perfect leader. Even though Rhonda finds this annoying, she understands that Sabrina has a crush, and the team votes to make Bradley the leader.
    • For Blue, everyone votes for Sarge, (even himself), except for James, automatically throwing up a red flag to Sarge. 
    • On the Green team, Calypso is extremely pushy about choosing her as the team leader, however, everyone chooses Gretchen, who seems to have actual skill as a leader.
  • Challenge: Sudden Death 
    • In the first round of this tournament style challenge, Sarge wins for Blue, keeping them safe.
      • Gretchen is the first eliminated, which annoys Calypso.
    • In the second round, however, Gretchen wins, keeping Green safe.
    • In the third round, Susita wins for Red, saving them from elimination.
    • The results are: Purple, consisting of Bradley, Sabrina, Rhonda, and Zach lose, and three out of the four of them are going into the Final Battle.

  • Red Team - Day 1 - Michael, Anthony, Claire, Susita
    • On Red, everyone is at the general consesus that no one really meshes well with one another. However, everyone is happy that Susita won the challenge.
    • Claire feels as though Susita and Anthony are both firecrackers based on how loud and unpredictable they are, and tries to forge a relationship with Michael.
      • Michael and Claire create a bond, but Michael is secretly worried about telling Claire he is an ex-convict, because he feels like he might scare Claire away, who is shy.
  • Blue Team - Day 1 - James, Sarge, Kat, Sigrid
    • On Blue, everyone introduces themselves
      • Sigrid feels the need to tell everyone that she is Anthony's twin sister, and shares with everyone that she is very much willing to stab Anthony in the back if needed down the road.
    • Sarge and James have a conversation in private, where James apologizes to Sarge for being the only person not to vote him as a leader.
      • Sarge says that he forgives James, but later shares with Sigrid that he thinks James should be the first eliminated from their team if needed, due to seeming like the weakest player. 
      • Sarge shares privately that he is uncomfortable with James wearing make up, and that he is Sarge's first target.
  • Green Team - Day 1 - Tito, Gino, Calypso, Gretchen
    • On Green, Tito is the first person to suggest introductions among the group, and thanks Gretchen for her good job in the challenge.
      • Calypso is the one to point out that Gretchen had a bad start, which makes everyone uncomfortable.
    • Privately, Tito, Gretchen, and Gino create an alliance to get rid of Calypso as soon as the time comes, because she appears to be one who will stir up trouble amongst the group.
    • Calypso later has a private conversation with Gretchen, and explains to her that she is acting like she doesn't like Gretchen to throw the boys off guard, when really she wants the girls to stay strong in a secret alliance.
      • Calypso tells Gretchen she hates Tito, and wants to get rid of him first.
      • Gretchen realizes she is in a power position as the swing vote.
      • Gretchen shares with Calypso that she is the daughter of the past player Cristina.
  • Purple Team - Day 1 - Bradley, Rhonda, Zach, and Sabrina
    • Rhonda automatically feels like the biggest target on the team due to the age gap between herself, Bradley, and Sabrina.
      • Rhonda finds it annoying that Sabrina still seems to love Bradley despite the fact that he lost the challenge.
      • To help secure herself an ally, Rhonda attempts to create a bond with Zach, but he doesn't give her much to work with.
      • Privately, Zach explains that he would rather be on the side of Bradley and Sabrina than try to go with Rhonda.
    • Sabrina and Bradley discuss whether or not to vote together or seperately for the Final Battle, and which one of them should go in.
      • Bradley says he will go into the Final Battle, but Sabrina tries to convince him to vote in Zach instead of herself. And Rhonda is an obvious choice to go in.
    • Zach realizes by the time it's time to vote that neither Sabrina nor Bradley has told him who to vote for, so he considers changing his vote to Sabrina instead of Rhonda.

  • The Final Battle
    • Votes
      • Zach: Rhonda
      • Sabrina: Bradley (because Bradley told him to)
      • Bradley: Rhonda
      • Rhonda: Sabrina
    • Bradley vs. Sabrina vs. Rhonda (2-1)
      • Rhonda is quickly the first eliminated.

Episode 2 (Wrecking Crew)Edit

  • Purple Team - Zach, Sabrina, and Bradley
    • Now having Rhonda gone, Zach realizes how much of a power duo Bradley and Sabrina are, and wishes he would have been able to save Rhonda in the Final Battle.
      • Zach attempts to create a male alliance with Bradley, and Bradley seems interested.
    • Privately, Bradley admits that if his team loses again, he doesn't know whether to side with Sabrina or Zach.
    • Zach nominates himself for the challenge because so much is on the line for him to win, and Sabrina acknowledges this.
  • Blue Team - Sarge, Sigrid, James, Kat
    • On Blue, Sarge has noticed a bond between Kat and James, which worries him, and he tries to solidify a bond with Sigrid.
      • Sigrid notices the James vs. Sarge mentality and wants to strategically use it to her advantage.
  • Red Team - Michael, Claire, Susita, and Anthony
    • On Red, everyone has begun opening up with each other.
      • Michael shares briefly with Susita his history of being in prison, and how he's changed greatly as a person.
      • Susita shares this with Anthony.
      • Anthony shares this with Claire.
      • Claire seems bothered that Michael, her closest ally, didn't tell her this himself, and trusts him less.
  • Green Team - Calypso, Gretchen, Gino, Tito
    • Calypso insists on going into the challenge, and Tito supports this, wanting to let Calypso show her true strength, (or lack thereof)

  • Challenge: Get Wrecked 
    • Zach is at an immediate advantage due to the challenge including baseball bats.
      • At first, he only seems comfortable holding the baseball bats, but realizes he must use hammers to save himself from falling behind early.
    • Anthony and Sigrid face off for the first time, and it shows that Sigrid truly has no problem attacking her brother, which pisses him off.
      • Because he is distracted, Anthony loses the challenge for Red.

  • Purple Team - Sabrina, Bradley, Zach
    • Zach is relieved that he won the challenge, and Sabrina continously makes comments about how Zach needed to win.
      • This bothers Bradley.
  • Red Team - Anthony, Susita, Michael, Claire
    • Anthony expresses that he is angry that Sigrid was willing to fight him in the battle, and Susita tells him that he should have fought back.
      • She worries that Anthony's dedication to his sister makes her a stronger ally to Anthony than she is.
    • Claire and Michael have a meeting on who to vote for
      • Michael still doesn't tell Claire about his history in prison, even though Claire knows. 
      • Michael suggests they target Anthony and Susita separately, but Claire is worried because they would team up against whoever went into the Final Battle with them, and believes that they should vote for one or the other together.
    • Susita and Anthony have a meeting on who to vote for.
      • Anthony also wants to vote for one or the other between Michael or Claire, not wanting to get thrown into the Final Battle with both of them.
    • Before the vote, Michael worries that both sides are only voting for one person, which will cause everyone to have to compete in the Final Battle.
      • He considers voting for Susita while Claire votes for Anthony, but also wants to keep Claire's trust.

  • The Final Battle
    • Votes
      • Michael: Anthony
      • Anthony: Claire
      • Claire: Anthony
      • Susita: Claire
    • The Vote is 2-2, cancelling out all votes and making the Final Battle a 1-1-1-1.
    • Anthony vs. Michael vs. Claire vs. Susita
      • Despite the battle being evenly matched, Claire is eliminated due to being physically weaker.
      • Michael feels regret for having not voted for himself instead.
        • However, Claire would have still been in the Final Battle.

Team SwapEdit


  1. Sabrina
  2. Zach
  3. Michael 
  4. Susita
  5. Tito
  6. Gino
  7. Gretchen


  1. Sarge
  2. James
  3. Kat
  4. Sigrid
  5. Bradley
  6. Anthony
  7. Calypso

Episode 3 (Pokémon Stadium)Edit

  • Blue Team - Post Swap - Sabrina, Zach, Michael, Susita, Tito, Gino, Gretchen
    • On Blue, the old Green members have the advantage, as the split is 2-2-3.
    • Zach is still with Sabrina, which worries him, but he realizes he has the chance to take her out.
    • Michael doesn't trust Susita.
    • Tito, Gino, and Gretchen are happy to be away from Calypso, and hope that she struggles on the other team.
  • Green Team - Post Swap - Sarge, James, Kat, Sigrid, Bradley, Anthony, Calypso
    • On Green, the entire old Blue team stayed together, giving them the majority and putting Calypso, Anthony, and Bradley on the bottom.
    • Bradley, Anthony, and Calypso meet and consider ways to get off of the bottom.
      • Anthony claims he can attempt to pull in Sigrid, but is unsure if it will work. He does know, however, that James and Sarge have a rivalry, and sees that as a possible crack.
      • Calypso bothers Sarge and Bradley.
      • In private, Bradley admits that he is unsure about working with both Calypso and Anthony. Calypso seems like a dangerous ally, while Anthony has a relation with Sigrid, which could prove to be dangerous, as well.
    • Anthony meets with Sigrid and tries to convince her to help save him, Bradley, and Calypso.
      • Sigrid admits to Anthony that she is still Blue strong, but can attempt to save Anthony himself. She also continues to feed him informaiton about the crack within Sarge vs. James.
      • Sigrid has also built a trust Kat, and considers a four person alliance between herself, Bradley, Kat, and Anthony.

  • Challenge: Pokémon Battle
    • Michael & Tito vs. Sigrid & Kat
      • Winner: Blue (Michael & Tito)
      • Tito seems to do well with the Pokémon.

  • Green Team - Sarge, James, Kat, Sigrid, Bradley, Anthony, Calypso
    • On Green, there is a clear divide between Sarge, James, & Kat, along with Bradley, Anthony, & Calypso. Sigrid is in the middle, but no one knows this.
    • Sigrid meets with her original teammates.
      • Sarge considers throwing all votes on Calypso, as it is most likely that the ones on the bottom will split votes.
      • James disagrees, and wants to throw all votes on Anthony, who seems like a bigger liability.
      • The disagreement between Sarge and James yet again gives Sigrid reason to flip over to Anthony and Bradley's side.
    • Sigrid, Kat, Anthony, & Bradley meet.
      • Sigrid suggests voting for Calypso, as to not rub anyone the wrong way, as she seems to be a mutual target among everyone.
      • However, this worries Anthony, as voting for Calypso wouldn't force Sigrid to choose a side.
      • Anthony suggests voting for James or Sarge
    • Before the vote, Sigrid must decide between voting for Sarge with her brother's alliance, or Calypso in her original team's alliance.

  • Final Battle
    • Votes
      • Sarge: Calypso
      • James: Anthony
      • Kat: Calypso
      • Sigrid: Calypso
      • Anthony: Sarge
      • Bradley: Sarge
      • Calypso: Sarge
    • In the end, Kat and Sigrid stay mutual and vote for Calypso.
    • James votes for Anthony, which frustrates Sarge, and yet saves the vote from going to 1-1-1-1-1-1-1.
    • Sarge vs. Calypso vs. Anthony
      • Due to fatal errors in her battling, Calypso is defeated first.

Episode 4 (Pac-Land)Edit

  • Green Team - Sigrid, Kat, James, Sarge, Bradley, Anthony
    • With Calypso having been eliminated, Sigrid and Kat are still neutral with everyone.
      • This worries Bradley and angers Anthony, who feels like his sister hasn't picked a side.
    • Infuriated, Anthony shoots an inkling to James that Sigrid has possibly flipped sides.
    • James, confused, relays this to Kat, who he is close with, who now knows that Anthony and Bradley are playing dirty.
      • Kat tells Sigrid
      • Sigrid, being non-confrontational, decides between her and Kat that the next targets will be Bradley and Anthony.
  • Blue Team - Tito, Gino, Gretchen, Sabrina, Zach, Michael, Susita
    • Throughout the day, Gretchen, Tito, and Gino are approached by members of the team wanting to flip on their old team members.
      • Zach approaches Tito and Gino in attempts to flip on Sabrina, as Zach doesn't trust her, and doesn't want her to reunite with Sabrina.
      • However, after saying this, Zach admits that he doesn't want to play dirty, and Tito cryptically opens up to him about flipping between ones good and evil side. 
      • Zach and Tito create a bond.
      • Meanwhile, Susita approaches Gretchen about not trusting Michael.
    • Gretchen, Tito, and Gino realize they are in a power position.

  • Challenge: A Need for Speed
    • Kat & Bradley vs. Michael & Tito
    • Bradley finds a Smash Ball during the challenge and uses it.
    • Kat and Bradley win for Blue.

  • Blue Team - Tito, Gino, Gretchen, Sabrina, Zach, Michael, & Susita
    • Gino makes everyone dinner because of the loss
      • Everyone loves the food, especially, Sabrina, Tito and Michael.
      • Sabrina has a false sense of confidence, which bothers Zach.
    • During the dinner, however, Gretchen attempts to strategize with Gino, which causes an outburst from him.
    • Later, Gretchen and Tito meet, and consider aligning with someone else because of Gino's unwillingness to play the game.
      • This plan leaves Tito distraught, however, as he is very close with Gino on a personal level.
    • Gretchen is approached by Susita again about eliminating Michael, and Gretchen tells Susita that she will do the best she can at convincing Tito to do so.
    • However, Tito wants to vote for Sabrina, in hopes of bringing in the timid Zach as a possible ally.
    • Gretchen and Tito decide to split their votes, and keep Gino in the dark.
    • Michael is unaware of how the votes are falling, but keeps in mind that Gino had an outburst and decides to vote for him.
      • This gets around to Sabrina, who also votes for Gino.

  • Final Battle
    • Votes
      • Tito: Sabrina
      • Zach: Sabrina
      • Gretchen: Michael
      • Susita: Michel
      • Michael: Gino
      • Sabrina: Gino
      • Gino: Sabrina
    • Sabrina vs. Michael vs. Gino
      • An easy target for Michael and Sabrina, Gino is defeated first.

Team Swap #2Edit


  1. Bradley
  2. Sabrina
  3. Kat
  4. Sarge
  5. Susita
  6. Michael


  1. James
  2. Sigrid
  3. Anthony
  4. Tito
  5. Gretchen
  6. Zach

Episode 5 (Orbital Gate Assault)Edit

  • Blue Team - Bradley, Sabrina, Kat, Sarge, Susita, Michael
    • On the new Blue, Bradley and Sabrina are reunited
      • But, Bradley doesn't tell Sabrina that he now has a connection to Kat.
    • Kat and Bradley talk, and discuss moving forward together on the new team to eliminate Sarge, if possible.
    • Meanwhile, knowing the merge is coming, Susita makes it her mission to eliminiate Michael as soon as she can.
      • To spread some paranoia, Susita begins telling people privately about Michael's history in prison, hoping it will cause people to distrust him.
        • However, for most, including Sabrina and Kat, it only makes them trust Susita less.
        • For Sarge, it does put an ounce of doubt inside of him about Michael.
    • In a meeting between Sabrina and Bradley, Sabrina suggests targetting Kat, who she has noticed spending time with Bradley.
      • Bradley feels uncomfortable with this, but doesn't tell Sabrina.
    • Knowing she is a target by Sabrina, Kat volunteers herself for the challenge, and, being a treasure hunter, keeps her eyes open for a Smash Ball, like the kind she saw Bradley use in the last challenge.

  • Green Team - Anthony, Tito, Zach, Gretchen, Sigrid, James
    • On the new Green, there is an obvious alliance between Gretchen, Zach, and Tito, which leaves Sigrid, Anthony, and James on the other side.
      • However, it is clear to James that Sigrid and Anthony don't trust each other, and he considers taking his game into his own hands to show everyone that he is capable of playing, by flipping on the bickering siblings.

  • Challenge: Space Race
    • Kat & Bradley vs. Sigrid & Zach
    • During the battle, Bradley finds another Smash Ball, but doesn't use it.
    • Kat & Bradley win for Blue.

  • Blue Team - Kat, Sarge, Bradley, Susita, Michael, Sabrina
    • On Blue, the only person who knows about Bradley's Smash Ball is Kat, who saw him grab it.
      • Bradley conisders telling Sabrina about the Smash Ball, but doesn't, due to the fact that she is not a target but will want him to give it to her.
      • Instead, Bradley comes to Kat and tells her that the Smash Ball could be hers if she needs it in the future, solidifying an alliance between the two.
      • Kat privately confesses that she is not used to getting attention by the kind of boy Bradley is, and can tell that Sabrina is not used to being ignored.
  • Green Team - Anthony, Tito, Zach, Gretchen, Sigrid, James
    • Initially, the power seems to be in the hands of Gretchen, Zach, and Tito, (Tito being the unspoken leader), but they are approached by James, who proposes targetting Anthony or Sigrid.
      • Gretchen and Zach seem to like the plan, but Tito is more suspicious, worried that James is just trying to throw the majority alliance off of miniority's tracks.
    • However, James is actually willing to make a move, and is proud of himself for doing so.
      • He tells Sigrid and Anthony that they all need to vote for one person, because he is sure that the majority alliance is splitting between himself and Sigrid. 
      • Anthony agrees, but Sigrid is suspicious of James, and how he knows the plans of the other alliance. 
      • Because of this, Sigrid considers talking to Anthony about voting for James instead, but still doesn't trust him due to what he had done on the last team.
      • So, Sigrid decides to vote for James herself.
      • Tito also votes for James instead of Sigrid, not fully trusting him.

  • Final Battle
    • Votes
      • Tito: James
      • Gretchen: Anthony
      • Zach: Anthony
      • James: Zach
      • Sigrid: James
      • Anthony: Zach
    • Because Tito and Sigrid both vote James, the vote is still a 3-way vote, causing Anthony and Zach to go in, along with James, who is shocked, but also feeling good because he is in the middle.
    • Seeing that he got a vote from both sides, however, James is unsure of who to side with in the battle, but eventually chooses to side with Zach, true to his original plan on flipping on Sigrid and Anthony.
    • Despite being outnumbered, Anthony defeats Zach, eliminating him, and proving to everyone how powerful the twins Sigrid and Anthony truly are.

Episode 6 (Wii Fit Studio)Edit

  • Green Team - Tito, Gretchen, James, Sigrid, Anthony
    • The next night, Tito does a ritual to honor Zach, his closest ally who has just fallen.
      • He is approached by Sigrid, who apologizes for her brother eliminating Tito's friend.
      • Tito, showing his emotionally weak side, has a break down in front of Sigrid, who is there to comfort him.
      • In private, however, Sigrid admits to only having comforted Tito to boost her relationship with him in the game, due to the fact that she still doesn't trust Anthony and is looking for other allies.

  • Before the challenge, it is announced that the losing team will have no vote, and everyone will compete in the Final Battle.
  • Challenge: Healthy Habits
    • Sabrina & Bradley vs. Sigrid & Gretchen
    • Sigrid & Gretchen win for Green.

  • Blue Team - Bradley, Sabrina, Kat, Sarge, Susita, Michael
    • On the outside, it appears that Blue is split into three pairs: Bradley & Sabrina, Michael & Susita, and Kat & Sarge.
    • However:
      • Michael and Susita are still targetting one another, and Susita hatches a plan to pull the women together in an alliance to take out Michael.
      • While Kat seems good with this plan for the time being, Sabrina seems unsettled by the idea, not trusting Kat enough to align with her. This is due to the fact that she has been seemingly flirting with Bradley.
    • Later, Sabrina approaches Bradley and tells him about the female alliance, and asks if she can join forces with the boys to eliminate Kat. 
      • Bradley, while not enjoying being with Sabrina, wants to keep a strong group together, so he approaches Michael and Sarge about an alliance.
        • Michael feels more comfortable targetting Susita, while Sabrina wants to target Kat.
    • In a last ditch effort to get rid of Kat, Sabrina tells Sarge that Kat is targetting her
      • This is true. Kat is targetting Sarge because of his rivarly with James, who is her closest ally.
    • Going into the Final Battle, no one fully trusts Sabrina, but everyone has their own targets.
      • Sabrina is targetting Kat.
      • Michael is targetting Susita.
      • Kat is targetting Sarge.
      • Susita is targetting Michael.

  • Final Battle
  • Sarge vs. Kat vs. Bradley vs. Michael vs. Susita vs. Sabrina
    • The Final Battle is the majority alliance of Bradley, Michael, Sarge, and now Sabrina, going against Susita and Kat, who are the targets.
    • However, during the battle, Bradley gives Kat his Smash Ball, like he said he would, and she uses it, allowing herself to stay safe over Susita.


  1. Tito
  2. Gretchen
  3. Bradley
  4. Sabrina
  5. Michael
  6. Anthony
  7. James
  8. Sarge
  9. Sigrid
  10. Kat

Episode 7 (Boxing Ring)Edit

  • Merge Team 
    • The Merge has arrived, and the obvious people in power are Kat, Sigrid, Sarge, and James, who were all originally on the Blue team together.
      • However, after an initial meeting to strategize, it is clear that everyone in the group has different directions they want to take the game, and Sarge and James still don't get along.
    • Sigrid approaches Tito and Gretchen for an alliance with she and Anthony.
      • Tito senses bad energy and distrust in Anthony, which makes him hesitant to align with Sigrid and her brother.
    • Bradley feels uncomfortable around Sabrina, who is infuriated at him for sharing his Smash Ball with Kat to save her.
      • Bradley approaches Kat for an alliance to help himself, and she pulls him into an alliance with her and James, who have been close from the beginning.
    • Sarge, worrying he's on the outs, attempts to create an "outcast alliance" that he can command, through the likes of Sabrina, Michael, and Anthony, who he believes are on the bottom.
      • While privately, Sabrina and Anthony feel as though Sarge is crazy, they stick with the alliance for a period of time, planning to cut Sarge when the time comes.
      • With Michael's main target gone, he, on the other hand, feels comfortable with Sarge and following his orders if it leads him to the end of the game.
      • Michael sees Sarge as the same authority figures that helped him turn his life around.

  • Challenge: Boxing Match
    • Michael vs. Sigrid
      • Sigrid wins
    • Bradley vs. Anthony
      • Bradley wins
    • Sarge vs. Kat
      • Sarge wins.
      • Sarge finds a Smash Ball
    • Sabrina vs. Gretchen
      • Gretchen wins.
    • Tito vs. James
      • James wins.
      • James finds a Smash Ball and uses it, which helps him win.

  • Merge Team 
    • Michael, Anthony, Kat, Sabrina, and Tito are the 5 going into the Final Battle based on the results of the challenge.
    • Anthony seems to be in the power position, as Anthony believes he is with Tito, and he also is in Sarge's "outcast alliance," which includes Sabrina and Michael.
      • Because of this, Michael and Sabrina also feel safe.
    • Anthony forces himself to choose a side, and seems to want to stick with Sigrid, Tito, and Gretchen, due to the fact that he does not like how Sarge runs his alliance.
      • However, Tito still doesn't trust Anthony, and attempts to turn Anthony into the main target by approaching Michael and Sabrina about it.
      • Michael and Sabrina realize they are caught in the middle, and don't tell Sarge. 
      • Michael believes that siding with Tito may get him in Tito's alliance, and thinks this is a good idea.
      • Meanwhile, Sabrina still wants to target Kat, and thinks Michael is doing so too.
    • Going into the Final Battle:
      • Sabrina targets Kat.
      • Michael decides to fight alongside Tito and Kat to eliminate Anthony.
      • Anthony believes he is in power, but quickly realizes he is left with no allies.

  • Final Battle
  • Sabrina vs. Michael vs. Anthony vs. Kat vs. Tito
    • Sabrina and Anthony are horribly outnumbered, but Sabrina manages to stay alive longer.

Episode 8 (Home Run Contest)Edit

  • Merge Team
    • Tito apologizes to Sigrid and Gretchen for targetting Anthony without telling them. However, Sigrid forives him, saying that she had said she would cut Anthony if needed all along.
      • However, Sigrid is slightly worried about being able to trust Tito in the future.
    • Luckily, Tito is able to bring in Michael, (who had worked with him in the last Final Battle), to replace Anthony, creating a powerful alliance of Michael, Sigrid, Tito, and Gretchen.
    • Meanwhile, another alliance of Kat, James, and Bradley still exists, acting as the other power alliance in the group.
    • Due to Anthony being eliminated and Michael going leaving, Sarge's short-lived "outcast alliance" is know more. Because of this, it appears that Sarge and Sabrina are on the bottom.
      • However, Michael still trusts Sarge and has a bond with him, and extends a hand to Sarge, saying that he will do everything in his power to save him.
      • Still, Sarge feels driven to win the challenge for himself.
    • Sabrina admits privately that she sees being in between two alliances as an asset, and hopes that Bradley will save her if needed, anyway.
      • However, when asked by Kat about whether or not he would save Sabrina, Bradley tells her that he has no allegience to Sabrina anymore.
      • Bradley admits privately that this makes him feel guilty.

  • Challenge: Home Run Contest
    • Kat: 1,421 ft
    • Michael: 1,350 ft
    • Gretchen: 1,335 ft
    • Sabrina: 1,320 ft
    • Sarge: 1,276 ft
    • Tito: 1,170 ft
    • Bradley: 1,063 ft
    • Sigrid: 1,046 ft
    • James: 892 ft
  • Winner: Kat

  • Merge Team
    • Back at the Merge Team, Kat is congratulated for winning the challenge by everyone except for Sabrina.
    • Sarge is disappointed he did not win, but Sabrina assures him they are in a power position.
    • Sabrina goes to Bradley and asks him to attempt to keep her safe and she will stick with him
      • Bradley agrees, but believes that he doesn't need her in the three person alliance.
      • However, when Bradley, James, and Kat meet later to discuss who to target, James points out that without Kat in the Final Battle, pulling in James would be a smart decision, especially if they wanted to take a shot at the other alliance.
      • Kat agrees, and Bradley decides to officially align with Sabrina and James for the battle.
    • The other majority alliance of Michael, Gretchen, Tito, and Sigrid meet
      • Michael suggests pulling in Sarge, who he wants to keep safe as long as possible, and trying to target the other majority alliance of Kat, James, and Bradley.
      • Michael assumes that they are going to pull in Sabrina.
      • Sigrid and Tito are hesitant, but with convincing, agree to allow Sarge into the alliance.
    • Later, Tito and Sigrid discuss their resverations with Michael deciding the fate of the alliance.
      • The two make a pact to keep themselves and Gretchen together until the end of the game.
    • Going into the Final Battle, it's a showdown between:
      • Alliance of Tito, Gretchen, Sigrid, and Michael, along with Sarge
      • Alliance of James and Bradley, along with Sabrina.

  • Final Battle
    • James, Bradley, and Sabrina are outnumbered, and Sabrina is defeated.

Episode 9 (Temple)Edit

  • Merge Team
    • With a war between two alliances having taken place, the alliance of Tito, Sigrid, Gretchen, Michael, and Sarge has officially come out on top, leaving James, Kat, and Bradley on the bottom.
    • Tito and Sigrid notice Sarge becoming more hostile toward James and Kat
      • when Sarge confronts the two about wanting to target James next, Tito becomes uncomfortable and considers targetting Sarge by surprise to get any negative energy out of the alliance.
      • Tito admits he believes that rivalries have caused most of the downfalls of the season, and has tried to keep positive relationships with everyone.
      • Sigrid tells Tito that she is worried that Michael will flip if they try to target Sarge too early, and that they should just give it time.
    • On the bottom, Kat, Bradley, and James consider ways to flip the game on its head.
      • Kat feels in the best position, having a good relationship with both James, who was first ally and friend in the game, and Bradley, who left Sabrina for her. 
      • James considers trying to convince Kat to target Bradley, but is worried this will backfire on him.

  • Final Battle
    • Bradley is eliminated.
    • James manages to survive being Sarge's main target.
    • Tito finds a Smash Ball, but decides to use it on no one, which frustrates Sarge.

Episode 10Edit

  • Merge Team
    • Sarge confronts Tito about not using his Smash Ball on James in the last Final Battle in front of everyone, which shocks Tito, Sigrid, and Gretchen.
      • Tito admits that he didn't use the Smash Ball in hopes of keeping a neutrality between him and everyone else.
      • James and Kat see this outburst as a crack in the alliance.
    • James approaches Tito and Sigrid about working with them, but Sigrid, yet again, has reservations, due to the fact that James had targeted Sigrid and her brother earlier in the game.
      • Tito suggests Sigrid at least consider James's offer.
    • With nothing to lose, Kat plants a rumor in Gretchen's ear that Sarge may be targeting her.
      • Gretchen tells Michael, who tries to convince her that Sarge wouldn't target her, but Gretchen is unsure, and confronts Sarge, telling him that she refuses to work with him any longer.
      • Privately, Gretchen explains that she comes from a world where people are constantly coming after her job, so she must get them before they get her.
    • Going into the Final Battle, Tito and Sigrid team up with Gretchen, leaving Michael and Sarge to fend for themselves, along with James and Kat, who hope they've created enough of a crack to save themselves.

  • Final Battle
    • In the Final Battle, Gretchen specifically targets Sarge, and when he realizes this, Sarge changes his target from James to Gretchen, and with the help of Michael, Gretchen is defeated. 
    • Tito's original alliance has officially fallen.

Episode 11 (Midgar)Edit

  • Merge Team
    • With the alliances mostly dissolved, James decides it's his time to target Sarge, worried that keeping him in the game any longer will result in his demise.
      • James recruits Kat to help him, and attempts to recruit Tito,, who has also noticed Sarge's aggresive behavior toward James the entire game.
    • Tito goes to her ally Sigrid, however, wanting to make a decision between the two of them as to whether or not they want to go with James and Kat and target Sarge.
      • Sigrid admits that he would rather fight alongside James than Sarge
      • However, Tito worries this will cause Michael to become an enemy, and tries to convince Sigrid to stay neutral.
    • When Sarge and Michael catch wind of what is happening, Michael vows to Sarge that he will protect him in anyway possible, as he seemed to struggle protecting his allies in the game in the past.

  • Final Battle
    • Despite Michael and Sarge's best efforts, Sarge is defeated due to being outnumbered, which satisfies James.
      • Kat uses the first Smash Ball she found herself to help weaken Sarge.

Episode 12 (Finale)Edit

  • Final 5 (Michael, James, Kat, Sigrid, & Tito)
    • Michael feels as though he is officially alone in the game, as Kat & James are aligned, and Tito & Sigrid are aligned.
      • However, Michael hopes that the pairs target each other instead of teaming up against him.
    • Michael approaches Tito and Sigrid about aligning to get rid of James, who is on a high since defeating Sarge.
      • Tito seems indifferent to the idea, which raises a red flag to Sigrid.
      • Sigrid feels Tito has stayed too neutral during the game, and worries that will help him get to the end of the game.
      • Sigrid considers targeting Tito, who is her biggest threat, but also her biggest ally.
    • Meanwhile, Kat and James seem deadset on targeting Michael, who seems like the obvious odd-man-out.
    • Going into the Final Battle, Michael seems to be alone between two pairs, however, Sigrid's alliance with Tito may not be holding strong.
  • Final Battle
    • While Michael goes into the Final Battle feeling alone, it's revealed that Sigrid is targeting Tito, causing a battle between the two
    • Meanwhile, James and Kat continue to target Michael.
      • Still, Michael uses his brute strength to survive the battle, defeating Kat in the process, and leaving James without his ally.
    • Towards the end of the battle, Tito finds another Smash Ball, and this time uses it on Sigrid, who he feels has betrayed him.

  • Final 4 (Michael, James, Sigrid, & Tito)
    • Finale Battle
      • In the Final Battle, the Tito vs. Sigrid conflict comes to a head, and Tito is defeated.
      • James manages to blend into the background during the battle, but worries that his lack of physical power will keep him from winning the game.

  • Final 3 (Michael, James, & Sigrid)